The Gargantuan, Mutant-Like Veggies of Alaska

Alaska Veggies


In Alaska, especially in the Matanuska-Sustina Valley (40 miles northeast of Anchorage), vegetables grow to enormous sizes. They grow so big they become unrecognizable. Imagine a 35-pound broccoli, a 138-pound cabbage, a 30-pound zucchini, a 68-inch long gourd.

Giant Lettuce

There’s lots and lots of sun in Alaska and that’s why produce grows so big. Though the season of 105 days (compared to California at 300) is very short, in the summers there’s almost 19 hours of sunshine each day. Due to it’s close proximity to the North Pole, no long, dark summer nights for Alaska!

Giant Onion.jpg

And so veggies in The Land of the Midnight Sun keep growing and growing. Farmers and gardeners there produce some of the biggest veggies in the world, and the tastiest!



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I am an author/translator. Alaska or Bust and Other Stories (Crimson Cloak Publishing) is available on Amazon and other places. The stories are set off the beaten path, some funny some serious, where the land is raw and beautiful and the people a bit quirky. My translation of Wave of Terror by Theodore Odrach (about Stalinist domination at the start of WWII) is available most places online. (Chicago Review Press). Publishers Weekly: "Odrach's delightfully sardonic novel about Stalinist occupation ... is rich with history, horror and comedy."

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